And I think we agree with them right? It’s too good not to be divine!

Incorporating this side of sustainability, we can put names
using the green and natural word: Heard about pepper? As soon
as we hear ”Mexican restaurant”, we remember the famous
spicy and beeem seasoned dishes!
The dishes on the menu mix the customs of different peoples, so
if you want to have a typical restaurant, it is important to study
and research a little about the culture.

The name for a Mexican restaurant must match the decor that is
anything but understated and basic! Another cuisine rich in
spices and pepper is Indian, because in the country are found
rich herbs and spices, with complex flavors!
Gastronomy and religion go together, food is considered a
divine gift there.
They consider food extremely important and it is always present
in various celebrations.

A curiosity is that Indians always eat with the right hand, never
with the left, because they use the left for ”dirty” things and
never to eat, did you know?
Since the food is highly valued, we can name some famous
dishes and ingredients for the restaurant:

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